About Us

ChannelERP is the culmination brought about from years of combined industry knowledge by a talented team that understands the needs, nuances and problems the refurbishing industry faces in managing its complex ecosystem. Having software architects that come from a refurbishing industry background, we were able to start the blueprint on what we would do different in respect to the dozens of softwares that we've tried in the past decade. We've had the experience of being forced to stitch together a hodgepodge assortment of apps and tools to get the comprehensive suite of functionality that we need. This came with its own set of issues, namely the learning curve, maintenance, and managing similar (or exactly the same) data in multiple places. We became deeply aware of the need (and difficulty) in creating a more streamlined, all-inclusive product. ChannelERP is that end-to-end solution.


Inventory Management

- Asset Management
- Purchasing management
- Receiving management
- Bin/Warehouse support
- Supports Lots
- Supports repairs/stripping
- Supports assemblies
- Product (SKU) view

eCommerce Management

- Listing Creation/Update
- Auto-pricing rules
- Kitting (BTO)
- Manage Custom Inventory
- Product Management
- Promotion opportunities

Imaging Software

- Driver packs
- Driver injection
- BIOS updates
- Heavy automation
- Golden image support
- Supports integration
with test suites like BurnIn
(subscription not included)

Sales Management

- Order management
- Customer Service
- RMA management
- Pallet management
- Customer management

Insights and Reports

- Vendor statistics
- Channel statistics
- Product statistics
- Asset statistics
- Support statistics
- Customer statistics

Accounting Software

- Full suite ERP
- Enter Bills
- Enter CC Transactions
- Manual entries
- A/R, A/P
- Plaintext general ledger
and many more...

Why Us

  • First and foremost, we are end-to-end.
  • Versatile inventory management
  • Bundled imaging/receiving software suite
  • Product information management: A catalog to house all the nitty-gritty of products from their manufacturers. Saves time creating listings to sell.
  • Ecommerce module: Create listings for any of our supported channels. Your entire ecommerce situation, current and visible at a glance.
  • Accounting module: Your financials all in one place, easily manageable and delivering full visibility
  • Customer support module: Integrated and includes everything from a case to an RMA.
  • Asset tracking: Monitor an asset's current state and entire history
  • Customizable: This product can be personalized to better meet your needs
  • Dedicated virtual server instance: No need to share resources with other users. We offer the option to keep your instance isolated.

Market Research Survey

Interested in helping fine-tune ChannelERP to your industry's needs? We are still taking market input! Do not miss out on the opportunity to help direct the development of ChannelERP. Fill out our quick market research survey.

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